Tuesday, May 4, 2010

fat, weight, & body size

I just finished reading Barry Groves' Natural Health & Weight Loss. My favorite part about reading books about low carb dieting is their view on a healthy weight. Women are supposed to have curves. A healthy weight is one that supports life, and that means enough fat to support breast feeding. That weight isn't unhealthy.

I have finally put on enough weight that you can't count my ribs, and then hit puberty and have tits and hips and a belly. And mixed in with the joy of finally not looking 12 is the urge to poke at the belly and wonder if it's too fat. *Rolls eyes*

Considering that underweight is far more dangerous than overweight, and that my health is better now and I have more energy and look better... I have to be impressed that even through my autistic tendency to not notice social programs... And my autistic tendency towards logic... I still poke at my little belly.

Everyone needs things so categorized today, and need approval from someone of authority, that we have invented numbers that mean nothing and all risk our health to meet those numbers.

My other favorite thing about low carb dieting is that there are no special things to buy, no special numbers to count, no weights to reach. All you do is cut out grains and sugars and most fruits and increase fats and call it good. You don't need anything you can't buy at a farmer's market or grocery. While everyone tells me how strict my diet is, I actually put very little effort into maintaining it. I would cook all my meals anyway, because I simply love to cook. Since I cook, I don't buy prepackaged foods so I don't have any labels to read. While my diet might be "restrictive" I think it's a lot simpler than most peoples'!

Most people I know have to read labels and count calories and grams of this and that and measure how much they eat and when they eat and how much exercise and of what types... That's way too much effort when they aren't getting any healthier from it all.

It seems to me that people were capable of maintaining health without the help from research groups for a pretty long time and maybe the body has a good idea of what it needs. Not a revolutionary idea, it's an evolutionary idea.


Allie said...

here's what I do every month.

First few weeks: Wow my tummy is so flat and awesome today! Let's wear tight fitted clothing!

Third and fourth week: Crap! Where did this pudge come from? Why me? Woe Woe! Oh wait... I'm probably just bloated because I'm full of blood and hormones. .......... Woe! Why me!?!

You are a healthy person, big sister. You go to the gym regularly and eat good food and know how to listen to yourself. I bet yous the hotness with your pooch!

Abifae said...

I have the bestest little sister EVER!!! *loving her imooto*

I probably AM the hotness! Obviously it's time for another photo shoot :D

And, YOU, little sister, are indeed the hotness. Even with hormonal pudge. :D

Jon A.S. said...

Hey Abi,

You are the hotness....i gimme some reason to poke your flat tummy....hehehe