Thursday, May 20, 2010

Book Review

This is an early book review as I'm still reading the book.

Autism's False Prophets, by Paul A Offitt.

I've never bought the vaccine hype. In fact, I rather enjoy not dying of childhood diseases that used to plague humans. Nonetheless, I'm fairly impressed with everything that went into the anti-vaccine farce.

Everyone should read this book. It's a good reminder that anecdotes and coincidence are not science and, more importantly, believing media hype is plain dangerous.

Anyone with autistic kids should read it just to be informed. People know that desperate parents will pay a lot of money for hope and this book let's you know some of the worse ones. Better to be aware.


Jon A.S. said...

Hey Abi,

I read parts of the book when I visit a Barnes and Noble bookstore...very interesting read...and yeah, I'd rather have them stick me when I was young...which I did BTW, and I'm feeling just


Blue Feather Micro-Farm said...

Since my son showed signs of autism BEFORE his vaccinations, I never bought in to this. Plus, autism shows structural differences in the brain. Can a vaccine re-arrange brain tissue? I think not. For good info on the cause of autism, look here...

Abifae said...

Exactly! But people want someone to blame. I am not convinced the numbers have "grown" at all. There are a lot of mutations that stay steady in society.