Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I suddenly realized I am in another growth spurt. The achy tired fussy fidgety overstimmed feeling wasn't a klew, apparently.

So hoorah for autism and hormones!!

This means no coffee til I'm done. Caffeine leeches calcium. It means more calcium and weight bearing. And I wrote to nutrition friends to make sure my diet is supportive.

I'm practically 17 now! Whoo hoo!!

*wanders off grumbling cuz she is fussy and achy*


Jon A.S. said...

Hey Abi,

You are all "grown" up now...drink lotsa milk...u'll need the calcium....hehehe


Abifae said...

indeed!!! extra calcium and extra weight bearing so i absorb it. and magnesium.

Allie said...

Don't forget Vitamin D!

Abifae said...

thank you love!!! vit d. *nod nod*