Tuesday, January 19, 2010

mouth noise

you aren't listening:
when you taste color on your tongue
and music explodes across your skin
and numbers play a symphony across the page,
what words can take
the taste of a sound
or the deep thrum against the skin from a rich smell,
can make the shadows dance in joy
against the candle flame?
what words have ever described
feelings that lap against the shores of the soul;
the great dissonance from reality
as senses meld and melt and reform
into the every day that is how i perceive?
what words can form the emotions
that bubble up into a fount that bursts through my skin
and into the world around me
fascinating me with the rhythms and sighs
that pulse and breathe from every object i interact with?
when words fail utterly
and i shout with all my senses inverted
until i feel deaf with the input
and still you do not hear.
you do not listen to the way a raindrop glitters
and holds entire worlds
until it splatters against a surface
dislodging its inhabitants.
what words can recreate my world for you
so that you can perceive
through my senses?
speak express emote, let you in,
emoting makes you nervous
full of tapping drumming humming spinning
emotions pure: love and fear and anger and sadness and joy
laughing crying stomping shouting
mutters flaps disjointed words
interacting with worlds you don't see
details you don't notice
rich tapestry and you can't count the threads.
why make words
useless abstractions that tell nothing
mean nothing
until there is a word that means
the taste of a shadow on your tongue like the last wisps of smoke from a blown out candle


Linda said...

This is awesome abi :D

Abifae said...


Jon A.S. said...

Hey Abi,

This sounds like a beautiful description of a meltdown, in the form of a poem....hehehe...lol


Abifae said...

:D not a meltdown... just trying to word at all. ever. lol. the human language is not designed to describe sensory input.

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