Sunday, March 7, 2010

What's so bad about change?

I'm not sure why people have any confusion about change. No one likes it. It's not an autistic only trait to despise change.

Even people who thrive on change thrive on change they create. They still don't seem to much like life throwing changes at them. They might be a bit faster at coping because of the extra practice, but change sucks.

Being in the midst of a move, my brain has gone haywire with all the changes. It's not fear of the unknown because at the moment there are not any unknowns. It's the disconcertedness of not being.

Quite simply, the here-now doesn't exist. The was is past and I'm waiting on will be to exist. So the here-now is neither was nor will be and no now is yet. So I'm in temporal limbo. Without a now how can I exist? Nothing anywhere is until time settles back into now as the temporary will be that isn't quite.

I imagine this is why most people resist change. But in any case, I'll be finished moving this weekend and the will be will be now and now will settle into existence and then I can exist and it will all be good.


Linda said...

It seems to be a transitional issue. Kind of like when I dance. I know dance step one and I can do dance step 2, but I often have trouble moving from 1 to 2.

Abifae said...

Yes. I don't know how to still exist in transition. Maybe more of that lack of object permanence?

How can you know you are the same you that was in a new environment? What if you got left behind. Everything is different and maybe you aren't anymore. At all!!

Step slide step.

Jon A.S. said...

Hi Abi,

I should know...changes do suck big time...but a little of it will get you


Abifae said...

True, Jonas..

I've heard change is invigorating. Perversely, I do actively seek change. What can I say? I'm an adrenaline junkie. LOL!