Monday, March 1, 2010

Temple Grandin at TED

The points Temple Grandin hits aren't true just for autistics. Everyone thinks differently and schools are destroying kids' interest in learning. Funding is cut on the things that most involve kids in the world around them. It's all about scores and numbers, not about learning and creating and thinking and exploring.

The most interesting thing she touched on was categorization. I think the way auties categorize has something to do with the lack of filters. There aren't broad generalizations in our minds. It makes us both more capable of learning new things and less capable of coping with change.

I also like that she points out that learning social rules by rote is just learning a play. It's not natural or automatic. We learn exact responses, right down to action and voice. And then people say we've outgrown autism because we can do all the social things. It's all very silly.

Enjoy the video!


Jon A.S. said...

Hey Abi,

I saw that video too...very good point she makes about making autie social interactions like a play...because that's what is like for me

Jon A.S.

Abifae said...

It hides our autisticness so we don't scare the NTs. How lame.