Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Work is tough!

Now, don't get me wrong... I don't think work is especially enjoyable for anyone. My job is from home. I remote in to do customer service. So I am several steps happier from those working in a call center!

I also read the IMs from everyone I work with (we basically have an IRC server for work - we can ask questions and get help); I know that they are all stressed and bogged down, too.

Yet I still get the vague impression that I struggle a bit more with the "holding it together and not having a meltdown" aspect of our job. I do much better than my coworkers, however, in other areas. The system upgrades that are causing lags don't really phase me. I don't consider a customer is grumpy or excessively angry just because they are panicked or frustrated at their lack of service... So I have fewer upset customers than most people.

So there are pluses and minuses to my way of viewing the world.

I was really worried that I'd struggle a lot more than I have. Working from home is helping immensely, and so is the structure I receive from my best friend. Every day I cook dinner, which is my favorite hobby, so that helps me calm down. I also get a coffee (fresh ground and brewed in my handy espresso maker with real cream) during the last half of my day.

I haven't been blogging the last few weeks because work had me so bogged down and stressed I was afraid I'd whine terribly. The last thing I want my blog to be is a "why it is so so sad to have autism, we poor poor misunderstood creatures". So I had to wait until I'd found my equilibrium again. As my father says, buoyancy is the key to survival.

I keep jigsaw puzzles going at all times. I can put in a few pieces on breaks and lunch and work on them before and after work to help me focus away from my job. It works wonders!

Really, it's the cooking that keeps me going. Good food, lovely smells from the kitchen all day, a wonderful and nutritious dinner (and lunch next day)... Life is good!

All of my energy outside of work is going towards more cooking. I've been renting DVDs from the library about cooking. I've been checking out new cookbooks. I've been studying online. I'm planning a trip to Denver to pick up herbs and spices!

It's all about perspective. If this job allows me more money to cook better food, it has a major positive!


FD said...

I know you struggle, but I want to impress upon you that we *all* struggle with our lives. You just have a different set of difficulties than most. :)

Know that I am proud of you.

Abifae said...

*smiles* thank you!

I know that everyone has a rough time. I did try to say I don't think I really have a harder time than anyone else. Just, as you say, different. Although I'm not even sure I have a different set. I'm not even convinced I'm simply bothered more by it.

Most days I think everyone thinks exactly the same as I do, they are just more secretive about it.

My only problem is how flappy I get at the same things. *sighs*

Maybe I'll grow up some day :D

jdmimic said...

Growing up is seriously overrated. That's when work becomes work, rather than getting paid to do cool stuff. I grew up and I often think of work as work. I work with dinosaurs and carcasses of all kinds and how cool is that? Stay young, don't grow up, play whatever you do.

Abifae said...

Heya Joe :) Yeh, I don't wanna be an Growed Up... I just wanna be big enough to not have so many meltdowns ;) I'm more like a big toddler at this point. All right, the tests I've taken indicate I'm about eight. But still... I'm aiming for a bit older lol. Rest assured... I play a LOT :D